Why We Started Aircon Cleaning Specialists

Mario was diagnosed at a very young age of having bronchial asthma. At the age of 19 he was involved in a car accident. The injuries from the accident compromised his sinus and nasal cavities. Working with doctors over the years they discovered his congested airways had a direct link with mould spores particularly those transmitted from Air-Conditioner units.

Fast forward to the early 2000’s. Mario was working as a salesman for a specialty chemical company. It was at this time he stumbled upon a specially imported water bases antibacterial surface treatment designed and used for disinfecting air-conditioning units installed in medical facilities and ambulances services. By  2004 Mario had devised a system of disassembling, cleaning, reassembling and treating all kind of air-conditioning systems.

Today, this system has evolved into perhaps the most comprehensive air-conditioning cleaning system currently used in Residential and Commercial applications. This has been copied by many in the HVAC industry but perfected only by the few who have been trained in the use of the specially formulated chemicals exclusively used by Mario and his team at Air Con Cleaning Specialists.

About Us

Air-Con Cleaning Specialists is a locally owned family run business. Mario started this business on his own back in 2003. His wife Donna joined the team in 2010, followed by his son Adam in late 2011. Marios daughter Zearne is the final member of the team in which she joined the Air Con Cleaning team in December 2014. What they love most about this job is not only that they are a family but the wonderful people they get to meet along the way. They also, throughly enjoy meeting and satisfying their clients needs of having efficient, mould and germ free air-conditioners.

Air Con Cleaning Specialists Residential and Commercial
We Service Box air-conditioners, spilt system air-conditioners, ceiling cassettes air-conditioners, smaller ducted air-conditioner units and automotive air-conditioning systems IN: Day Care Centres, Medical Facilities, Schools, Resorts, Homes, Offices and Vehicles.

Phone: Mario 0401 204 378

Email: contact@airconcleaningspecialists.com.au