Benefits Of Cleaning your Air-Conditioners

A clean air-conditioner cools faster and is cheaper to run. We kill mould, germs & bacteria breeding in your box air-conditioners, split air-conditioners& vehicle air-conditioning systems.

Removal of mould, bacteria and fungi reduces the incidences of allergies, asthma and flu like systems caused by airborne bacteria breeding in your air-conditioners

Less power usage created by more efficient cooling with greater airflow over the coils thus reducing greenhouse emissions.

This treatment originated for use in air-conditioning units at medical facilities.

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Part A

Cleans and sanitise facias, grills, drum fans, drip pans, drains and diffusers of mould, mildew, dust and surface contaminants. This water based non-acidic cleaner removes all traces of bacteria from any surface in your air-conditioner. (Used at 6 monthly intervals)

Part B

Sanitise and deodorise, giving a shining clean lustre to all surfaces also leaving a pleasant fresh fragrance to the room. A water bases pre-treatment surface cleaner. (Used at 6 Monthly Intervals)

Part C

For a final coil treatment a micro-misting machine is used to create a mist like droplets that is then blown into the coils and hard to reach places, leaving a thin film which coats the air-conditioning unit against micro organisms such as fungi, bacteria, mould and mildew. This system also encapsulates and absorbes offending odours caused by cigarette smoke, animals, food and any other organic odours. (Treatment applied every 6 moths)

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