Did You Know?

That almost half the population has some form of sensitivity to dust, pollen, mould and other micro-organisims. The dark, moist environment of air conditioners at approximately 20-35 degree celsius is an ideal breeding ground for legionella, mould, mildew, bacteria and fungi. These microbes attach themselves to the cold evaporator surface then become trapped in between the evaporator fins. When the units are turned on they become airborne and spread easily throughout the area which have been known to cause, ALLERGIES, HAYFEVER, ASTHMA, FATIGUE, EYE AND THROAT IRRITATIONS AND RESPIRATORY COMPLICATIONS. Every air conditioner is growing these microbes daily.

Regular cleaning is a much cheaper option then a bill for expensive repairs or a new air conditioning unit, doctors bills caused by an unhealthy environment for you, your children, family, friends at your home, daycare centres, your family car also co-workers, staff and clientele at work not to mention the money you’ll save on your electricity bills and reduction of your greenhouse gas emissions.

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