Here are some thoughts from our recent clients that have had their Air-conditioners cleaned.

If anyone needs their Air-Cons serviced/cleaned… I just had all mine done by Mario from ‘Air-Con Cleaning Specialists’. Very professional job, arrived 3 minutes BEFORE the agreed time (which never happens in Cairns!), no mess afterwards, and even gave some advice on maximising performance from the units. Highly recommended!

From Alex

A big thank you to Donna and Mario for coming out to clean our air conditioning units this afternoon. Not only are you a lovely couple but you also did an amazing job! It is so refreshing to come across people in business who love to ensure the job is done right. Many thanks.

From Denise

Thanks Mario and Donna – can’t believe how cool our office a/c is now that you have cleaned it! You guys rock!

From Liz at SVS Auto and Dyno

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